This chapter documents the high-level design of the product and it is intended for developers contributing to the project.


Users of the product need not bother with the following. Unless they are curious :)

Mission and vision

The project mission is to enable easy management of global digital elevation data.

Target use cases:

  1. access DEM data on-demand from well-known repositories

  2. download and store efficiently elevation data on large areas

Project goals:

  1. data download from well-known repositories

  2. compact storage of local data

Software architecture

Logical components:

  • the datasource Makefile

  • the Python API

  • the eio CLI

Version goals

This project strives to adhere to semantic versioning.

1.1.0 (upcoming release)

To be defined.


Minimal set of features to be operationally useful. No completeness and no performance guarantees.

  • Cache management:

    • new SRTM1 and old SRTM3 global high resolution digital elevation model

    • GNU Makefile for cache management (parallelism and dependency tracking)

    • GDAL VirtualRaster as main entry point